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    quote:Originally posted by Turbopackman

    Actually, they were more or less in my backyard. Funny how things find you when you're not looking for them.
    Tell me about it!!! I got a Town Sedan this Summer,
    and found a Country Sedan just a few days later. [:0]
    Got word on the wagon being for sale just last week...

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      One way to think about it is,---------------------------------

      By the time it takes to get an old rusty lark convert on the road, to enjoy, what a couple of years? Your wife will have changed her mind and not think it's cute and wish the project never started, she will not like looking at it in all the modes of disrepair along the way to drivability and you still will end up spending 5k (no kidding) and you worked you butt off, and she's not happy.


      You scrape all the money you can and even borrow a little and buy a car that can return the pleasure, fun, entertainment, of this hobby, quickly, and keep your wife's enjoyment ongoing and you will travel more easily down the highway of the old car enthusiast.
      It has been said over and over Buy The Best Car You Can Afford.
      (When thinking about afford remember cost you'll spend just to get it on the road)

      You could also look for one that needs mechanical repair, that goes quicker and cheaper than rust repairs. Ohhhhhhhhhhhhh



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        Does that mean you're ready to sell that '61 convertible to help someone out, Ted?



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          Or I could find someone who's willing to part with a decent running convertible for this decent, almost running '48 Packard coupe(needs wiring and a gas tank fix)

          Or I could wait until I have these two '57 Clippers in my possession and see if I could trade those. Keep in mind I'm on the TIGHTEST of tight budgets here, Kansas Unemployment barely makes the bills and the job prospect here isn't looking too good right now, and I'm just looking for something to occupy my time and to do something nice for the wife. (Like get her involved in my obsession)


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            quote:Originally posted by barnlark

            Does that mean you're ready to sell that '61 convertible to help someone out, Ted?

            HEY Dave, you can't just freely offer up my dream car to another. [V] Never mind him Ted.

            [)] [)] [)] [)]


            122 weeks till completion.
            61 Lark



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              Man o'man Turbopacman! You own a beautiful and solid 'ol Packard coupe like that, one that only a weekend or two of work, and a couple of hundred dollars would put back into driving condition, but because money's tight, and you need 'something to occupy your time' so you're looking for a junk Lark that will take hundreds of hours of labor, and many thousands of dollars to return to driving condition?
              Then to top it off you mention that 374 just gathering dust under your work bench?

              Putting the old thinking cap on, if you are going to be spending all of that time and dough on a 'clapped out' Lark convert, you won't be having much of either left over for a looong time to get around to working on that already being neglected '48.

              But if you're dead set on getting a Lark convert, you'd be way ahead by fixing what the Pack' needs fixed, and either trading or selling it for enough to buy a decent, running, Studebaker.


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                The Lark 'vert is for the wife, the Packard's mine. As soon as spring gets here and temps are 40 degrees or higher, the Packard will become my daily driver. The 374 is a project in itself, it's needs everything from a new crankshaft to getting the pistons knocked out. I don't want to get rid of the '48, but I WOULD sacrifice it in a trade for a decent convertible, as I've got other cars to play with if this goes. Remember, the Lark 'vert is going to be the WIFE'S car, therefore is #1 PRIORITY!! LOL!


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                  quote:Originally posted by wise raymond

                  hi guido you said you sold the 64 convetible to a local collector.who parted it out did he scaped the body and chassie.

                  It is my understanding that the major pieces of the car are gone. He apparently scrapped the body, but kept the unique convertible parts to use on the other one he bought.


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                    By the way, good luck the with the 'getting the wife involved with your obsession.'
                    After 41 years of marriage, and owning over a dozen Lark's, my wife's total 'involvement' has amounted to accompanying me to a few Studebaker events. And she would have been willing to do that even if I'd never bought, or spent a dime on Studebaker's.

                    If you want to get her 'involved', I advise that you take her to as many Studebaker events and activities as you can arrange for a year or two, and then, if she -wants- to be 'involved', she will certainly let you know it. (She will be the one wheeling and dealing for the Studebaker of her choice)


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                      Hey, it's what she wants, so I'm not going to argue with that. I'm just happy she wants to be involved.


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                        Well then, best wishes, and I do hope that you will be able to get her into a drivable one...


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                          Thanks Guido for the replay. the only resond i asked is that i,am looking out for a 63/64 convertable. something thats a bit better than the one i have in a friends field in southern ontario canada. mine is a bit like the titanic sortta like a bow and stern separation. i just been keeping my eyes open plus wiating on time can,t move back to canada. until the house is sold.thanks to the recession. why take on such a big project. its the only one i have seen in cruiser maroon.a late 63 canada coulor. i have the biuld sheet.on it.from the study museum thanks again. ray wise.



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                            4 Hawks@ MARK I have tried to email you about your question but it keeps bouncing back. Just want to let you know.

                            Brian Greenall
                            Melbourne, OZ


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                              Try this: