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    quote:Originally posted by jackb

    ...and you probably are not interested because nobody else is....but they "did" make a convertible in 64' you hardly see them anymore because nobody really liked them

    .....thought I might catch a few of you on that one...
    Well played- you got me too!

    Robert (Bob) Andrews- on the IoMT (Island of Misfit Toys)
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      Thanks for the responses guys!

      Brian, $3000 is more than I'm looking to spend, but I also don't know what a basket case Lark convertible is worth, either.
      Another question is, how hard is it to put a V8 in a 6 cylinder car, I know the brakes are different but what else?


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        Turbo....on paper, its not hard at all. If you start with a solid 6 banger, simply find a Lark V8 with the complete running gear and suspension and swap from there....Its a lot of work..I'd venture 30+ hours anyway-so do it yourself is the way to go...You'll need brakes, springs, steering gear (??), shift linkages, motor mounts, tranny mounts, to name a few...


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          I'm gonna stick my big CASO nose in here and render an opinion. I'm not sure what you expect to pay for a convertible of any make in crud condition but my guess is that even a P.O.S. is worth $1500 -$2000 if it has all the parts with it. Top, instruments etc.

          When I dragged the 54K home in my signature below it was rusty enough to require new floors as well as metal added to almost every panel. I paid $1100 for it in 1990 and would have given quite a bit more to get it in the shape that Brian's yellow one is in. I did all the work myself including a complete SBC drive train and new interior based on an Acura interior. I fabricated all my panel from 18 ga so I did not have the cost of new panels and fenders.

          A start like Brians would have been welcome.





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            quote:Originally posted by packardHawk58

            Eric, I have a 60 Lark Convertible sitting in Modesto, C.A. Solid C.A. car,no rust, top works, but 6 cylinder. It comes with a NOS 63 ohv cylinder as well.I paid 3k for it, I just want my money back or I freight it to OZ next month.
            Don't suppose you could accidentally drop it off in Honolulu []

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              Well, $3000 may not be much but when you don't have it it is. That, and the price of shipping it back to me makes it more like $4000. I'd rather find a cheap rusty one closer. Not that I don't appreciate the offer though, I really do. Add to the fact that it's a 6 cyl and I'll have to upgrade it all to V8 specs, makes it out of my reach right now, as you'll be adding probably another $1000 to do that. Now I have a $5000 car and I'm CASO on a budget, lol.


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                hi guido you said you sold the 64 convetible to a local collector.who parted it out did he scaped the body and chassie. thanks ray.



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                  Hey Eric do you still have your Packard ?

                  Joseph Kastellec
                  Joseph Kastellec


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                    Which one Joe? I sold the supercharged '56 Patrician a couple of years ago so I could buy my house, but now have a '48 fastback coupe to play with. Eventually I want to upgrade the little 288 that's in it with something bigger, like a 356 or 359.


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                      Eric, why not go with a V8 ? I guess you want to have a 359 tricked out, or is this just going to be a cruiser?

                      Joseph Kastellec
                      Joseph Kastellec


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                        I was thinking about doing the unthinkable, Joe. I just today went and looked at a pair of '57 Clippers, both have engines, and neither have superchargers. If I wanted to, I could make one good car out of both of them, and end up with factory a/c, power brakes, p/s, and power windows. I could find a supercharger to put on it, no big deal.

                        Now, since I'll have a pair of these, and they both have engines, I was thinking the unthinkable, put one of the 289's in the '48. (I'd gain one inch! LOL!) With a manual transmission, of course. The Lark may have to wait though if I do that, which I haven't decided if I'd want to even attempt that idea. I'm sure I'd catch all kinds of hell from the Packard purists for doing such sacrelige, which makes me want to do it so much more. If not, there's the '56 374 V8 under the bench in the garage that would be a heck of a lot cheaper to rebuild than the straight eights.


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                          I posted this find back in Jan on the forum, and darned if it doesn't sound like what you're looking for...

                          I've been looking in the local trade papers again and Studes have started showing up routinely. This ad was under classic car parts; 1962 Lark Convertible. good parts car, good chrome, $400, (704) 252-4609. I called up the guy just to get info to pass along to the forum. The car has no engine or trans - it was originally a 6 cyl. Sounds like front fenders are toast and hood is gone. But the guy claims it has all the glass and that the convertible top mechanism is intact and works, but there's no cloth left. Says it's sitting under a carport/cover or something. And, oh yeah, NO title. Claims to have other Stude parts too.

                          quote:Originally posted by Turbopackman

                          I'm looking for a Lark convertible, that needs everything, mostly complete, and as cheap as possible, lol. I've finally got the wife interested in old cars, and she likes the Lark. We'd prefer the early version, '59-'61, but '62-'63s would work too. Prefer a V8 car, but doesn't have to have the engine or the trans. (I have a line on a pair of '57 Packard 289's)

                          A HT or a 2 door post car would work, but she prefers the convertible. Let me know what's out there!
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                          \'63 Avanti
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                            Thanks! I'll give them a call and see if it's still available!


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                              quote:Originally posted by Turbopackman

                              I was thinking about doing the unthinkable, Joe. I just today went and looked at a pair of '57 Clippers, both have engines, and neither have superchargers.
                              Dare I ask where you found those... [?] [?] [?]

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                                Actually, they were more or less in my backyard. Funny how things find you when you're not looking for them. They're costing me pretty much all my trading material, but I think I have the deal sealed.