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    I often go on to the really nice site "Home of the Packard Hawk" designed by Mike Williams. I don't see a lot of activity on it,and was wondering why?? Just being enthusiastic and thankful for this great site and Mike. I would like to hear what other P-Hawk owners have to share and photos. There are so few of us and its so nice to have a go to place to connect as well.[8D] I know that this is the big site and all of us are Studebaker lovers are on here.and it means a lot to me!! Just wanted to "Stir Up" a little activity on the P-Hawk site and keep Mike on his toes!! Any Ideas or thoughts?[8D] As Allways,Frankie

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    Nice Hawk Frank. I think part of it may be that some Packard club members don't consider them as real Packards and the low production. What is the web address?

    63VY4 Leakin' Lena Hagerstown MD


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      Unfortunately Mike's wife died this past December. There is some more information here:http://forum.studebakerdriversclub.c...TOPIC_ID=35854

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