Found a car on the side of the highway, so took a look at it.

It's a 51 Champion, 10G W5. Ugly bright red paint job, not good, eggshell cracking and a few chips. Interior metal is painted the same color. The interior upholstery on the doors and seats is pretty new and in excellent condition. A two-tone grayish fabric, not Studebaker, but nice. Chrome is surface poor, but the metal pieces are good and so is the stainless. Called the seller and he said the battery is dead since he parked it 3 weeks ago, but it runs. Oh, it's got a 2 speed automatic and no od. Flathead 6, said it runs. Looks like it, too. I did not do a detail search, but did see a couple of very small rust holes in the driver's floor panel. Really didn't look for rust, sorry. Overall, it is a 'decent' looking driver body. Owner said he bought it about 3 years ago. I didn't really visit with him cuz I was busy with something else when he called me back.

Engine head number 523278.
Body 3575.
Engine stamped number 795801.
Serial number G1012800.

The car is in a crossroads town named Carlsbad, Texas. Just a few miles north of San Angelo on highway 87. Phone number is 325-234-5963, and he said it was ok to put it on the forum. He is not an SDC member. Price on the window is $5000, but he said he would take less. It probably is not worth $5K.

I know, I know. No pics. Sorry. No camera on this trip. So throw pasta at me......

'50 Champion, 1 family owner