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Neat Looking Exhibit in Omaha...

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  • Neat Looking Exhibit in Omaha...

    ...and I was wondering if the Husker Chapter SDC was helping out with it. (I have not been in touch with my local chapter lately...shame on me...) You will have to read the article for the brief Studebaker content.

    Either way, it looks like a neat thing to go to. The wife and I have already made plans to go (and hopefully drive the Lark to the Museum as well, barring snow and ice and all that)

    1963 Lark, 259 V8, two-tone paint, Twin Traction.

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    The Durham always has great feature exhibits and I look forward to seeing this one. I don't think the Husker Chapter had anything to do with this, but (shame on me!) I haven't been to a chapter meeting in awhile so can't say for sure.

    John Waddell
    Omaha, NE


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      Don't feel bad guys, I've been an SDC member for decades and I have been an on and off Husker chapter member during that time. I cannot recall the last chapter meeting I attended but it has been a while.

      The Durham exhibit looks great but we rarely get up to Omaha and it's only 45 minutes away.

      Jeff T.

      "I'm getting nowhere as fast as I can"
      The Replacements.
      \"I\'m getting nowhere as fast as I can\"
      The Replacements.