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Need part# for MC rebuild kit for 1964 Hawk and

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  • Need part# for MC rebuild kit for 1964 Hawk and

    Need rebuilt kit for 1950 Commander and 1964 GT Hawk with disc brakes, automatic, and v8. What other car used the same MC as the 64 Hawk?

    Anyone have Napa part number for these rebuilt kits? Does anyone have a napa part number for a new MC 1964 GT Hawk MC?

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    Get one from Studebakers West.

    Bob Peterson / C & B Studebakers

    Castro Valley, CA
    Castro Valley,


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      Roy - I agree with Bob. I tried to rebuild my MC a few months ago using a kit I had purchased about 25 years ago, and after some pumping during bleeding it gave up, lost all pressure -- so I wasted almost a full day with the R&R and rebuild. The Hawk MC for disc brakes is special, no check valve, so the regular kits (for the standard MC as used on Jeep CJs for a long time in addition to Studebaker and others) don't really work. And a MC that is decades old is probably not safe to rebuild anyway. The new ones are expensive but after my experience I'd sure recommend going that way.

      Gene Nagle
      1963 Hawk R1
      Gene Nagle
      1963 Hawk R1
      1985 Avanti


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        Correct me if Im wrong but arent the "thru the floor" master cylinders the same for many, many years & will fit a GT Hawk w/ disc brakes by just removing the residual check valve? All I have seen including ones for the 60-62 Champs are the same master cylinder. Save yourself the trouble of rebuilding with a new assembly.

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          I purchased a new mc for my 1950 Commander. The MC looks different from my original one on the car. My book looks like it has type B. The store Had type A. Other than looks, will it work. Understand that my car came with an automatic. I need to give Studebaker West a call. I plan to be in Palo Alto this week end looking a 1955 Commander and speedsters. I have a SDC member who ask me to look at car for him.


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            Work on WHAT? If you mean your '64 Hawk YES if it is a 531510, WITH removal of the residual check valve.

            On your '50, YES all '47-'64 with under the floor M/C are the same, including 1/2 Ton Trucks.

            Wagner got rid of the old OEM 1950 type removable top cover M/C YEARS ago and replaced it with this one. [^]

            Second Generation Stude Driver,
            Proud '54 Starliner Owner