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I like this truck,and a good write-up

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  • I like this truck,and a good write-up

    "The year was 1949. Americans were buying 100,000 television sets a week. Pyramid clubs were fast becoming a fad and Silly Putty was introduced.

    It was 1949 and the name Studebaker had a long and honorable history as a transporter of goods. Whether it was the US Civil War, where Studebaker supplied wagons and buggies to the Union Army or getting pioneers across the prairies to the west coast in famed Conestoga wagons, Studebaker was there. Studebaker trucks were dependable and reliable. The 1949 Studebaker truck line was all new to look at, and with the smooth, rounded lines and the massive flat-faced grille, the lovely truck was a head turner. The powerplant was still the reliable side-valve six-cylinder engine."