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  • StudeRich
    Yes all 289 4 speeds have a large driveshaft, the problem was cured on '63-'64 GT Hawks by adding shims under the rear body insulators to "jack-up" the rear of the body.
    Sounds like N8N's idea of wedges in the spring plates to tilt the axle would be better.

    Traction bars will stop the rotating axle housing. [^]

    I do not arc weld, but I am pretty sure people have pulled an axle to "vent" the housing and welded them.

    Coil Spring Specialies Co. is the best FRONT Coil Spring Manufacturer, no they don't do Leaves. They will make ANY Stude. coil spring to spec and part number, or modified, a FAMILY run organization! [^] Highly recommended by everyone who has used them for Stude. springs. [^]
    Here is the link:

    If you need rears, chances are you also need Fronts!


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  • 3x2stude
    started a topic More drive shaft questions

    More drive shaft questions

    Same 61 4-speed Hawk. I understand that it needs springs to keep the tunnel from getting scuffed. My point is that the car has a driveshaft that is 3.00" in diameter in a floor pan that was designed for a two piece small diameter shaft. I was told that it had a heavy duty drive shaft. Was there such an option? Do all four speed cars have the big shaft?

    Who is the best vendor for springs? Eaton says they can make a set that will have a stock height but be a bit stiffer than stack. That is what I would like.

    If I add factory traction bars can I weld the bracket on without disassembling the housing?

    Jon Kammer