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Turning Wheels Sept 1972 - first of its size?

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  • Turning Wheels Sept 1972 - first of its size?

    I believe I joined SDC sometime in 1972. Am I correct that the Sept 1972 issue of Turning Wheels (Vol 4 #8) was the first issue in the 11 inch by 8 1/2 inch format we still use today?
    I have seen an index of Turning Wheels articles published in past issues. When was it last published? I need to photo copy it and keep it handy.

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    That sounds about right. I haven't looked at my "pocket sized" Turning Wheels in years.

    "In the heart of Arkansas."
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    "In the heart of Arkansas."
    Searcy, Arkansas
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      Yep, Sept. '72. See your Sept. 2000 issue for Fred Fox (p.26) "A Short History of Studebaker Drivers Club Publications".
      That issue also contains what I think is the latest printing of a TW index. Sept. 2000, Part 1 and Oct. 2000, Part 2.

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