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Maybe he's getting OVERHAULED ??

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  • Maybe he's getting OVERHAULED ??

    It's unlikely, although he is in the right area.

    Thought I'd post here so we can keep our collective eye out.

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    This is certainly the place to find people who notice cars like that. I hope it doesn't get chopped up.

    "In the heart of Arkansas."
    1952 Champion Starlight w/overdrive. Searcy, Arkansas
    "In the heart of Arkansas."
    Searcy, Arkansas
    1952 Commander 2 door. Really fine 259.
    1952 2R pickup


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      Man, that's disheartening. A dream shattered. Makes you want to chain everything down.


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        Maybe a call to Chip Foose would help.
        Seriously I wish you luck in recovery.




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          I hope he gets it back. Check out the size of those lead weights on the LF tire. [:0]

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            People who do that deserve to be shot!

            Dylan Wills

            '61 lark deluxe 4 door wagon
            Dylan Wills
            Everett, Wa.

            1961 Lark 4 door wagon
            1961 Lark 4 door wagon #2 (Wife's car!)
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