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    My name is Chris Ex. I live in Michigan. I joined the forum reluctantly because my father was a big Studebaker enthusiast but never had the money to have his 1961 Studebaker Lark fully restored, so he would buy parts when he could. Dad passed away in 2006 and now I have hundreds of parts that I am left with. I have never been a car guy,but more into hunting and firearms. So I am sorting these parts, some of which I have no idea what they are let alone what type of Studebaker they go to. I plan to sell these parts once I find out what they are. I also have the 1961 Studebaker which I also plan to sell as is but have no idea of even what to ask for it. I would like to see it go to someone who would restore it. It was the first car my parents bought when they were first married so it does have alot of sentimental value. Anyway, I will be on here alot asking and posting pictures of parts. Please have patience with me. Any information and tips will be greatly appreciated.
    Christopher Ex

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    Welcome, Chris - we can help you out, but don't be surprised if some members would like to restore it and join us on the road in your parents Studebaker!

    Chris Pile
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      I second Chris's idea. don't be to hastey to part with Dad's car. You might regret it down the road. Give us a chance and you might find out that we're not too weird after all.

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        I am restoring the first car my Mom and Dad bought now and wouldnt have it any other way. And,as the Larks have gained a great deal of respect of late you may find it is a good investment of your time. Attend the next Drivers Club meet held in your area and you will be amazed. Stude parts are still cheap relative to the industry. Trust me, you will miss it when its gone. That said, these guys will help you out with any problems or I am sure you can find a buyer here for at least most of the Stude stuff assuming you price it reasonably. Good Luck, Steve



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          Pictures can be very helpful to ID stuff. If the parts have part #'s associated, they can be readily identified by many members.

          As others have mentioned, getting in touch with the local SDC Chapter and some of their folks would be the best way to get advice and information. Here is a link to the SDC page listing all of the Chapters in Michigan:

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            Hi Chris ...another idea for selling your parts since your in Michigan . There is an annual swap meet in South Bend In every spring , 1st weekend of May . This is strictly Studebaker so it would be a good place to sell stuff .

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              Welcome Chris! I will join the others who have encouraged you to restore the car and use up those parts. I restored my folks 50 Champion, their first car after marrying. It is worth so much more emotionally than monetarily. Even if you are not a 'car guy', you can do some and pay for some and you will have to cherish. Mine is in my signature. Good Luck!

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                Welcome to the forum Chris. Im also a new member of the studebaker community and I can tell you that this folks have help me out alot, i didnt know anything about this cars and they have answer and suggest me alot of questions I had. I can also tell you that once you start is an addiction I started my project like 2 months ago and everyday i do something to it after work, and it can cause you the divorce in my case my girlfriend was telling me I dont spend enough time with her like before, am pretty sure other people here have same problem. [8D] it is fun and you will enjoy it once you are complete. I say you should restore it.


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                  Welcome! I agree that you should consider cleaning it up for yourself,as '61 larks are a blast! (I'm biased of course,LOL!) Whatever you do, good luck, and you came to the right place!

                  Dylan Wills

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                    Welcome, and the best of luck whatever
                    you decide to do with the car. Some of
                    the people here can answer all your questions.

                    Tex E. Grier


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                      what part of Michigan are you in?

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