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Need an entire axle hauled from LA to Boston

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  • barnlark
    Shoot, Gary, if it were this time last year I had a whole truck load coming this way from nearby Pasadena. I do have a friend who brings cars back during the winter from L.A. I can ask if he's going to be near there, unless your contact can deliver it near a pick up point. I can then bring it to York for you.

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  • Guido
    Try the hauling forum on

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  • garyash
    started a topic Need an entire axle hauled from LA to Boston

    Need an entire axle hauled from LA to Boston

    Rick Peterson has an old axle in El Monte, CA that I would love to have for my Indy car project. Is anyone heading east from California with space and weight capability for a few hundred pounds of old rusty axle? Rick could probably arrange to have it strapped to a pallet (if I'm very nice to him). A few good hops to within a few hundred miles of Boston and I could go get it.

    Anyone trailering something out that way or have the bed of a pickup open?

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