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  • Frame swap

    Am interested to know if the frame from a 51-52 Champion or Commander 2 or 4 door will fit on a 50 Champion 2 dor sedan. Has anyone out there done this swap? Will the 2" difference in wheelbase cause me problems? I'll be using a all Studebaker V8 powertrain.

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    Is the difference in the front or back? Cuz moving the rearend on the leaf springs is common practice; just redrill the alignment hole on each springpad and plate. Sounds like an interesting swap. Sure would be a good way to get rid of the uncommon suspension.


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      Buddymander, I haven't done the swap yet. I have a bare 51 Commander "mock up" frame but it is too rusty to use. I cannot tell from the shop manual where the extra two inches comes from compared to the older frame. But I think it is doable. The 50 has a good almost rust-free body. When I fnd a good frame I'll proceed onward with the "project y".


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        The extra 2" is in front of the cowl. You could use 51 fenders and make it work. The 51 fenders had different inner fenders and the wheel opening was reshaped to fit.