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    Note to self: the battery needs to be tied down...the result, gauges that welded themselves internally, and fried charging system and those really skinny washers aka shims DO need to go back in the diff. Oh yes, one other thing, diesel does not work in gasoline engnines.

    54 Champ C5 Hamilton car. In my family since 1958.
    1954 C5 Hamilton car.


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      When using cruise control in my 1988 Ford Ranger, 2.9 ltr, auto 4X4. flipping on the right turn signal for a lane change would kill the cruise control.

      Don't know why, don't care cuz I moded the truck for off road fun and adventure and with 33" tires and a locker I no longer need the C.C..


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        I amy have done some things but the three I remember causing the most grief were caused by real mechanics:

        (1) Wires should not be run under the starter mounting plate. (I had to rewire my dad's Cutlass up under the dash.)

        (2) It is possible to put self adjusting brakes on backwards so that they unadjust with use.

        (3) All of the brake lines were replaced except a small short one that ran under a clip. This resulted in complete brake failure while headed into an intersection. Good thing that there were curbs and a parking brake.


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          quote:Originally posted by BobGlasscock

          Sounds like the stories my dad tells about his 1926 Whipit.
          Actually, it's Whippet (Named after a certain flavor of dog, I believe), Bob. But, Whipit, if it makes ya feel better![:I] LH

          Straight from the horse's mouth