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57 President Pitman needed

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    ok. Thanks you guys really know your stuff. Well I have decide am not going to brake my head. We are just going to put everything from the car part to this one. Now i have a concern, I have a chevy 350 small block, you think i might have any clearance problem? Do i have to modified anything from original steering? I hope the engine is not on my way.
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      I have the part for sure off of a 57 Packard. I will dig in my parts this weekend and advise.

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        I hope this is related; my dad has a '55 Studebaker President Commander. I think it has power steering but I know it takes a lot of turns of the steering wheel to turn the car. I have heard that a longer pitman arm can significantly improve that and was wondering where I can get one. When I look for pitman arms, as far as I can tell they're to replace the original part. Any help/advice would be appreciated.




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          That is just how older Cars were. There is only ONE correct Pitman Arm for your Car.

          However there ARE quick Steering Arms that replace the steering arms on Both King Pins that will slightly improve that, but thousands of these Cars drove just fine as built for Millions of Miles, so I see no need to change anything.

          If you have a Power Steering equipped '55 President or Commander (One or the other) it has one of the Best Power Steering Systems ever made a "Saginaw", so that Power Steering Gear Box should be kept, if that is what it is.

          If this '55 has a Manual Steering Gear you will know it, because is much harder to turn especially when stopped. And you definitely do NOT want Quick Steering Arms on a Manual Steering Car.
          Start the Engine and see if you can turn it with one finger.

          The Guy who started this Post 13 Years ago, was just looking for a missing Part apparently, not related to your issue.
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            Thanks for the info! I'm pretty sure it's power as I had no trouble steering it at slow speeds.

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          Until we establish exactly what part the OP needs, this thread is going nowhere. Yanqui, you need to post photos of the part you need to replace.
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            He NEVER came back Gord in 13 Years, so by now he probably junked it, Lol!