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1936 studebaker engine mount

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  • 1936 studebaker engine mount

    Does anyone out there know were a guy can find two trany or motor mounts that go on the bell housing? These are rubber mounts they have two bolts on the bottom that bolt onto the frame and one hole on the top for a bolt to mount on the bell housing.

    Thanks Mike[?][?]

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    Do you have a part number?


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      I would try Bob Kapteyn at Joliet Studebaker (815-722-7262). I think Bob hurt himself a while back and may be slow getting around, so be patient. I also think George Rohrbach in PA has parted out a couple of late '30's models in the past couple of weeks. You can send him an e-mail through this site (his ID is Georger).

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        cant find him[?][?]