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Stainless treasure trove for Matthew

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  • Stainless treasure trove for Matthew


    I realize that this guy has more than Studebaker items, but what a way to expand your business at great price ($1.00 a piece).


    Stainless Steel Accent Lot - $1100 (Windber, PA)

    Date: 2009-11-22, 6:49PM EST
    Reply to: sale-w2uvy-1477966180@craigslist.orgGuido Salvage - "Where rust is beautiful" and real Studebaker horsepower lives

    See pictures here:

    Hiding and preserving Studebakers in Richmond, Goochland & Louisa, Va.
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    He sure is optimistic..
    Better if he priced it by the pound?
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      Well if Matthew has the funds to buy them, and the space he has a good future, and could get many times his money back, he is young enough to do that. Maybe even get the guy to help him identify a lot of the pieces.

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        Time to step up!
        Mono mind in a stereo world


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          Yikes! Maybe a hundred would make sense for the lot[B)] Could be a lot more, though, if each piece is identified and labeled properly...

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            WOW! Thats alot of stainless!

            Dylan Wills

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            Dylan Wills
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              Two words.

              No. Thanks.

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                Matthew's schedule might look like this:

                One hour for repair and finishing
                Three hours for trying to figure out what year/model/series/etc. that it belongs on...

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                  Agout 5 years ago I was in Ky and saw a lot full of old cars that had been pulled from a junk yard cars for sale instead of being crapped ther was a mid 50's packard anblance full af crome. Price on windo said was $1200 there was a lot of chrome I though hard about it But figureing what it all fit would be a big job.


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                    This sure makes sense: "It is possible to come search for your specific part, but please ask first and I will find out for sure if we have it."

                    In other words, if you wanna come and search for a part, call ahead so I can make sure your search won't be futile!

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                      I wonder...there was a guy I knew who was restoring a 40's pontiac convertable, and he removed all of the brightwork, wrapped it in newspaper and a week later someone slole it all...I am sure they did not know what they were stealing...perhaps they just dumped it here once they could not figure out what on earth it was for...along with all the other unidentifiable stuff they stole...

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