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    From the obituaries in the Great Falls Mt. Tribune this morning I saw the folloying information about Gene and I quote "In l971, he took his home-built Studebaker and many friends to Bonneville for the annual Speed Week. He sat a national record in 1978 at 255 mph, becoming the first Montanan in the exclusive Bonneville 200 MPH Club."

    I'm not sure if the 1978 run was with a Studebaker, but I think it was. I know that Gene liked his Studebakers. The artical goes on to state that he, his wife Betty and son Tom continued their visits to Bonneville and "They set a National Speed Record in October 2004 at 417 mph and a World Speed Record in September 2008 at 416 mph.

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    Yes, Gene was a fast cat.
    Here's the Stude he used to run.

    Chris Pile
    Editor: The Studebaker Special
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      The Burkland's had salt fever for sure. I really enjoyed seeing them at Bonneville. Wanna see what 400 mph looks like? (slight language warning at end) keep in mind that at the closest point the camaraman is a 1/4 mile away. The sound is classic.