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  • Coupe Doors Needed

    Just got the word from the body shop that the rust around the weep holes on my 51 coupe's doors is too extensive to repair at a price that makes sense and I have been advised to seek out some replacements.

    Therefore, does anyone know of someone that has a couple of solid doors for a 51 coupe that they want to sell?

    Would appreciate any leads.


    51 Starlight
    51 Starlight

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    Just as in the medical profession...sometimes a "second opinion" is required. If the body shop you are dealing with spend most of their time repairing fender benders...they might not really want the work. If the "weep holes" are there to have rust around might just be that to someone else they are repairable. Also, it could be just the price threshold that could motivate you to buy your own welder and learn to do your own work. Either way, good luck with your project.

    John Clary
    Greer, SC

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    John Clary
    Greer, SC

    SDC member since 1975


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      X2 on the second opinion...

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        I've got a pair of good, solid doors I'd sell, but they'd have to go Greyhound and that would cost (I'm guessing here) about $80 bucks a door.
        They aren't so pretty that you'd just prime and paint them, but there's no rot at all.

        I can say, that even with shipping, they'd be cheaper than paying a shop to fix yours.

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