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    quote:Originally posted by Studedude

    Who is Ms. Dryden?

    And, was, "Ms." used back then?
    I supppose the Ms. is an error on my part, should be Miss, she apparently never married. Helen Dryden was an artist/fashion designer/industrial designer in the 20's and 30's. She worked with Studebaker and Loewy.


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      Hey, thats a perfect match to mine!

      Got mine on ebay a while back, I use it to cover my ugly radiator cap at car shows. When I don't use it for that, I have stitting on my transmission hump. It is also the wallpaper for my cellphone. (hence the fuzzy crummy camara phone pic. But hey, when the picture is only one inch by one inch, it looks pretty good.)

      1963 Lark, 259 V8, two-tone paint, Twin Traction. Garaged for winter, receiving maintence for spring. (oh, and that there is my buddy, Nixon)


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        I had the guy wo makes the diorams do me one with three cars, then I went and bought some Heki "O/G" scale trees. Looks great.