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  • New Member---Andy Studebaker

    I received my Dec. Turning Wheels today and there on
    page 31 in the New SDC Members list was Andy & Mallory Studebaker's
    name. It lists their town as Congerville, IL. Anyone from
    Bloomington/Peoria area may want to invite them to local activities.
    Andy is a super nice guy. As some of you know by now he plays
    football for the Kansas City Chiefs. I was through Congerville
    on Nov 14th on my way to Don Gay's Studebaker Shop in Low Point,IL.
    I wonder if they really live there or if he just gets his mail there.
    They were married this past June in Belleville, IL and used 4
    Studebakers from our MO/ILL Gateway Chapter in their wedding.
    Hopefully there will be a write up in a future Turning Wheels.

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    It would be really cool if the Chiefs would let him use the Studebaker script for his jersey name.


    Venice, Florida
    1950 Champion 9G F1


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      Is he related to the 5 brothers?


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        That would be a question for Dick Quinn.
        Andy's uncle is a past president of the Studebaker Family Org.
        and his wedding picture was in Turning Wheels a couple decades
        As I understand it the five Brothers left no male offspring.
        Andy's family then would be distant cousins.


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          Anyone in the U.S. named Studebaker is part of the family tree emanating from two brothers, Clement and Peter and a cousin, Heinrich, who emigrated from Germany in the 1730's. That tree had many branches before John Clement moved his five sons from Adams County, Pa to Ashland, Ohio and then to South Bend in the mid nineteenth century.
          I believe fstst56 is correct; no Studebaker surnames descended from the five Studebaker brothers.

          Visit the Studebaker Family National Association here:

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            There is a long 3 Volumne set of books on Studebaker genealogy. It is available through the Studebaker National Family Assoc in both Hardback and CD form. I have a CD copy of the books. Andy Studebaker is from the Peter (Pedar) line. Peter was the brother of Clement who was the Great Great Grandfather of Henry, Clement, John Mohler, Peter and Jacob, the five brothers who were responsible for the first US Company to ever gross $1,000,000 in sales. They accomplished that in 1875.

            On another matter Andy's Wessing is covered in the latest issue of the Avanti Magazine and was ablely written by Ed meyers. I will scan and post here tomorrow.

            If you want more information on the early Studebaker family years especially the first 100 years spent here in PA please let me know and i will tak your ear off about them as they are a fascinating bunch of hardy US pioneers.
            sigpicSee you in the future as I write about our past


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              As of 12/03/2009 I haven't received my issue of Avanti magazine.
              Looking forward to your scan.



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       or online at

                They're living in the Kansas City area during football season. They're a great couple too!
                Here are a few images from their summer wedding in Belleville, Illionois.

                Don't just lie there

                Pittsburgh Steelers quarterback Ben Roethlisberger (7) lies on the ground after being sacked by Kansas City Chiefs defensive end Andy Studebaker (96) during overtime of an NFL football game in Kansas City, Mo. Roethlisberger was injured on the play.

                Lew Schucart
                Editor, Avanti Magazine
                Lew Schucart
                Editor, Avanti Magazine


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                  If you wonder why Andy is playig Defensive End, here is a post I made to another thread explaining it.

                  "Andy is now playing his natural position Defensive End. In both High Sdhool and for four years at Wheaton College, he was a Defensive End despite his size and for the last two an All-American at the Division III level. Andy is the first Wheaton College player to be drafted into the NFL. He was drafted by the Philda Eagles. The Eagles converted him to a Linebacker because of his size and placed him on their Practice Squad. He was plucked from their Practice Squad by the Chiefs and last year played that position for KC. He also started as a LB this year for KC but now he is playing TE. He is not as big as many TE's but is very quick and his upper body strength is unbelieveable which makes him a great Tight End. He deserves to be the player of the week."

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                    As per my previous comment, here is Andy;s wedding story from the Avanti magazine Issue #148. Want a copy of the magazine? You can purchase for $7.00 or a better deal is to join AOAI for $19.95 first year and get four issues of the award winning magazine. That's a cost of $4.98 and a great deal for a great publication.

                    You can join here if interested


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