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Need a set of GH doors...

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  • Need a set of GH doors...

    Hello I'm looking for a set of "nice" doors for a 57GH, any help would be appreciated...Thanks!

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    I've got a nice clean set with absolutely no hardware. Were from a 63 GT- same animal. Located in Weirton West Virginia 35 miles southwest of Pgh Pa, and 28 miles from Wheeling Wv. Name your price as I will never use them. Don't hurt me too bad. Can't ship. These are stored inside for last 10 years and don't need repair, have very little surface rust not even worth mentioning. Straight. Nev er been worked over and bottoms are nice like you need them. No, I'm not taking bids. First to respond with at least a legitimate offer or something to offer in trade can have them. Going as a pair only unless you want 1 for the price of 2. The other can go along for the ride for free. Give me a call and we can work something out. I don't need a bunch for these and I'm not a buyer seller flipper dipper. jimmijim 334 792 4323 as a pair only. 334 792 4323 jimmijim

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