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    I have a big six block,crank,and cam,all new,also a used head, all came in a box, packed up for about 25 years, anybody interested in that . Location is 50 miles west of Spokane,Wa. I am open to offer,I have horded it for 10 years, seems a waste.

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    Location? Price?

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    64 Champ long bed V8
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      Do you have any idea if it is a factory block and pistons, short block or whatever?

      Any Part Numbers to tell us if this is a late 1960 Truck replacement engine or what? They sometimes have tin tags bolted on the block, or Part Numbers on the crate. [^]

      There are small differences in these, but no install stopper I know of except maybe oil pans depending if it's going in a '41 to '50 Commander or '41 to '60 Truck.

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        Kerry "50 miles west of Spokane, WA." is pretty specific.[:I]

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          As is "I am open to offer"

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