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60 Lark 63 Hawk 62 Champ parts

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  • 60 Lark 63 Hawk 62 Champ parts

    Good parts for these cars and truck.
    Ed Bauer 320 251 1783 leave a message.

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    you are pretty close to me. I need a trunk lid for a 62 lark. do you have one?


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      I would be interested if you had good front fenders for a 1960 Hawk sedan


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        quote:Originally posted by rickhmn
        I need a trunk lid for a 62 lark.
        I have a nice one I picked up from Asa Hall's sale a number of years ago, but I am in Virginia. If it will ship Greyhound, we can make a deal (unless someone from MN is coming to Reedsville).

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          I was in Minnesota the first of Oct. and brought one along for a guy in Iowa, should have asked, to late now...Bob

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            Rick, I was at Ed's place a couple of weeks ago (wow, he has an amazing shop and lots of mechanical parts) but I don't think he has a trunklid for a '62 Lark as I didnt see such. If he indeed doesn't have one, I may have one to sell from a '63 Lark and rust free if I recall. How much is a good trunklid worth? I can take a picture of it if interested and send to you.


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              I only have a 1960 trunk lid, 1962 is different.
              A 60 lid would fit a 59.

              Thanks Ed