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Lark rear shocks... arrgh!

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  • Lark rear shocks... arrgh!

    Just blowing off a little steam [}]

    I gotta say, the guy who designed the rear upper shock mount for the Lark was either an evil mastermind or just off the trolley from Crazy Town! I guess if you have a well-equipped shop with a lift, it isn't that bad - but laying under a jacked-up car, trying to undo a nut you can't see from an angle that requires two left arms (while constantly being showered in rust flakes from the exhaust system) is not my idea of "easily serviceable". (I'm still pulling bits of goop out of my left eye.)

    Got it done though - took 1.5 hours for the left one, 0.5 hours for the right [|)] I laughed when Mr. Biggs posted that photo of the hole cut in the floor of the Cruiser just to reach the shock bolts from the inside... but now the guy who did that looks like a genius!


    Clark in San Diego
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    Lots of good light and Wilt Chamberlin's arms might have helped! Pain, isn't it?


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      Yep. Exactly why the new rear shocks for my '58 are in the trunk. [xx(]

      Matthew Burnette
      Hazlehurst, GA


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        Got it done though - took 1.5 hours for the left one, 0.5 hours for the right

        I hope thats the shocks and not each eye!



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          When I read posts like this I'm glad I have a truck[^] - I'd never get under a car without a hoist.[8]
          I feel for you. [B)]

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          Mark Hayden
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            upper shock mounts are why air tools were invented.

            Of course, if you have a pre-57 car, you have to be careful that you don't break the special bolt or round out the hole in the frame... and that you have the right spacers and sleeves to put it all back together correctly...


            55 Commander Starlight
            55 Commander Starlight


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              Geez... whine, whine, whine.

              Whatever happened to yanking out the back seat and chiseling holes in the floor pan? [)]

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                anyone ever change the plugs on a v-8 cheevy monza???? i have a nice collection of hole saws attachments they make shock work easier along with plugs and other misc. stuff. some of the cars come with stamped in outlines to cut out for these hidden things.

                2006,f-150,2x4,v-6,5-speed manual,8ft bed, will post stude info when i get it on the road.


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                  Yay...thanks for the warning. I am getting ready to do my fronts now, was planning on doing the back ones right away after those, maybe I will wait a bit.

                  1963 Lark, 259 V8, two-tone paint, Twin Traction. Driven often, always noticed!