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Enthusiasm, Loyalty, Dedication, and Shyness...

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  • Enthusiasm, Loyalty, Dedication, and Shyness...

    OK, WTH is Jeff spewing about now?
    Amidst all the sniping, whining, complaining, and whupping going on here lately...
    I talked to a guy today who rarely has anything bad to say about anyone...
    Oh, he is opinionated....and passionate...
    But he displays the courage to be a gentleman, and not partake in the mudslinging that forums tend to bring....
    I called this guy today after reading a short post he had...
    I was impressed at his candor, and his wisdom.
    He did not gloat. He did not complain.
    He did not say anything bad about anyone on this forum.
    He was just who he is.....
    Where was he?
    He was at a car show...with his Studebaker (which he drove)...
    In the cold rain... In his Studebaker...
    (after all, it is a [u]drivers</u> club)
    Reading this forum on his satellite ISP laptop.
    He knew what I had said on an earlier post 5 minutes after I spewed it[:0]...
    Technology is an amazing thing.
    And we have forum people that don't even know how to adjust points, and when or why...
    But, I digress...
    I chatted my typical Saturday Howyadoin' jabber...
    He listened politely...
    And I came to realize that I was nowhere near as classy as this guy is..
    He went to this show, not to win... Not to show off...Not to sit behind his car and watch the people watching him and his car...
    He was there for the fun of it.
    Weather be darned.
    And he had the ability to follow along on the forum at the same time!
    I find that amazing...and so neat...
    That kind of attitude helps me re-align my sights as a person.
    Kudo's to you Dave Lester!
    (And thanks for taking my call knowing you knew it was me from your caller ID[:0])

    (edited for profuse ebuuliant eloquacious spelling errors)
    HTIH (Hope The Info Helps)


    Get your facts first, and then you can distort them as much as you please. Mark Twain

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    Sometimes I also count Dave as my hero.
    Other times it's Jeff.


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      It is good to know that there are people that still go just for fun. I find that when I go for the fun of it it really doesn't matter who wins the trophy.
      Over the last 25 years I have won many times and it is a thrill to hear your name and car called out,however most of those awards are in boxes in my building gathering dust. Friends on the other hand are going to be there for you win or loose. Enjoy the Friends this hobby gives us.


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        Yep StudeDude (Dave Lester) your an alright guy. I can't wait to have my baby back from its make over to park next to yours at all these meets around OK.

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          [:0] Dave Lester has a Studebaker??? [?] I thought he just had a Queen of someplace in the quonset.....[8D]

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            When you play cars (especially Studebaker cars) it the sand box, Momma better expect you to come home with oil stains on your clothes.

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            <div align="left">'63 Avanti, R1, Auto, AC, PW (unrestored)</div id="left">
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              It's just good to see a couple of guys havin' some fun! [][8D]

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                Except for the shyness part, I think I get the title.
                One thing about this forum is it often makes me truly appreciate the many fine characters who make up this club and their diverse backgrounds and talents, regardless of their sometimes polarized opinions. Mostly, I enjoy looking at something differently daily as a result of the unique and thought provoking manner of their posts and insight.

                As far as Jeff and Dave go, it's always worth reading their topics and posts in their entirety.
                Both are a big part of the E, L & D here. Not sure about the S part, though.
                It is extremely humbling to have them both here.

                The holiday season always stresses me out: No sign of car shows, or the hope of any, for months to come. I'm jealous of that privilege.

                My apologies for being part of the bad spewing (as opposed to constructive spewing) lately. Historically, I mellow out the second week of January... I promise. [B)]


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                  Probably good he didn't win a trophy, that quanset hut is probably getting full.

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                    This...CLUB...has been the only place I have found people who actually seem to have been put on this earth to be helpful of my passion of old cars. I don't post much unless I FEEL that my opinion must be heard, or I need knowlegde for either my Studey or just lately my trans question for my El Camino. I just took my 55 Champion up to my friends place in Willits and all th way up from S.F., people waved ,or pointed,or at gas and food stops, had a few kind words or story about a Studey...I always tell friends about this forum and all the friendly people on it. Mr. Shaw and Bob Peterson are two of my heroes, one for brake shoes and the other for his great attitude while talking cars. If every once in a while someone gets snippy, I ignore it as every one has a bad day once in awhile.