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Lady help's Studebaker from Alberta to VA

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  • Lady help's Studebaker from Alberta to VA

    The lady sent me an email. I replied for the the Peg's trucking, and the Hagerty Insurance, but I don't know about US Customs.

    Her email is:

    Hello Mr. Shepherd,

    I found your email address on the SDC website, and I am requesting some advice. My father passed away this summer and left me one of his Studebakers. I presently live in Fredericksburg, VA, and the car is in Calgary, Alberta, Canada. I would like to ship it here next year, but have no idea what is the best way to get the car here.

    My father was the President of the Studebaker Club in Calgary several years ago and felt that contacting the president in the local chapter as the best place to start so I hope you do not mind me contacting you for some assistance.

    I feel very honoured to own one of my father's car, but have no idea about how to get it here, about registering it in VA or what is the best insurance to have or where to even take it to get work done on it. It is in good shape and in working order, but I am sure there will be things to attend to. My father was very ill the last year of his life and so the cars just stayed parked in his garage. I actually never saw dust on them until I travelled home for his funeral and went to drive them to the funeral.

    If you or anyone else in the chapter is able and willing to assist me in this process, I would great appreciate any and all advice.

    I look forward to hearing from you.

    Thank you for your reply. I will look up Peg trucking. Are there any tips you or someone could provided me on registration in VA and the personal property tax. Do you know if it is expensive? Should I have it registered and insured prior to having it shipped here. Any tips on US customs? This is a part of my inheritance, but my mother is going to sell it to me for a $1 so she can say she sold it instead of giving it as a gift. I forget her reasoning. She said she would put whatever in writing to make it as easy as possible to get it in to the US. I really feel completely uneducated about how to do this.

    The Studebaker is a 1964 Cruiser convertible. I look forward to driving it on our beautiful summer days here.

    I appreciate your assistance or anyone else in the chapters advice.

    I will definitely consider joining the chapter. I am sure my father would have love that.

    Please feel free to give out my email address to anyone who might be able to assist me.

    Thanks again.

    Leonard Shepherd

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    I knew her late father (Vern) well, and I know the car. She could simply take a week, and drive it to Virginia.

    If time will not permit that, then I'd suggest she get a friend or family member to drive it to Great Falls, Montana, and hand it over to a shipper such as Peg trucking. There should be no difficulty at the border, as long as the paperwork is in order. If a trucker has to do the importing, there may be brokerage fees.

    Gord Richmond, within Weasel range of the Alberta Badlands
    Gord Richmond, within Weasel range of the Alberta Badlands