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    Where is the fuel pick up in a 55 2 door c body ?Is it towards the front or rear part of tank??? If I take off the windshield wiper motor, will that mess up the coordination of the wiper arms ? If I take off the wiper arms will that mess up the coordination of the position of where they go? Can I ask again how you take off the wiper arms?

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    The feed is from the front of the tank, there is a connection on the outside, the tube on the inside goes backwards about 7 inches , then down to the bottom. The 5/16 tube is splint lengthwise, spread out and spotwelded to the bottom, leaving a triangular opening toward the front of the car.

    Wiper arms. They are removed on the outside by lifting up on the side of the base of the arm across from the arm, with a flat bladed screwdriver. It might take putting a piece of hard rubber to act as a fulcrum under the screwdriver so you can pry against it.

    Take the inside off, do what repairs you want and put it back together. Leave the arms off, and try the switch. If the pivots work fine, put the arms on. If they go opposite, disconnect the connection at the motor and reverse it. Then put the wiper arms on.

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