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Some pics of my new 62 Lark

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  • Some pics of my new 62 Lark

    Took the Lark out of the garage today to take a few pics before winter. I bought it in June, got it home in August and drove it a little bit this fall. A beautiful runner, needs just a few things fixed and a "Lark Shine". 34,000 original miles, been repainted once at some point. LMK what you think.

    Interior shot

    Right side with Steve's Letters- Thanks again!!

    Evan Davis
    Prairie Bulletin
    Saskatchewan Chapter
    Prince Albert, Sk
    Evan Davis
    Prince Albert, Sk

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    Very nice project to start with.


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      In my neck of the woods we car dealers would call a car like that "wholesome". I drove one just like it to college and it stayed in the family for another couple of years as my father's commuter.

      Hope it's a short winter so you can get to driving it.


      Best so far 15.065 @ 91.84 MPH Island Dragway Great Meadows NJ Summer 2009.


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        That car is a jewel. I would rather have one like that than a pillarless hardtop.

        "In the heart of Arkansas."
        1952 Champion Starlight w/overdrive. Searcy, Arkansas

        "In the heart of Arkansas."
        Searcy, Arkansas
        1952 Commander 2 door. Really fine 259.
        1952 2R pickup


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          Very nice!!!

          Dylan Wills

          '61 lark deluxe 4 door wagon
          Dylan Wills
          Everett, Wa.

          1961 Lark 4 door wagon
          1961 Lark 4 door wagon #2 (Wife's car!)
          1955 VW Beetle (Went to the dark side)
          1914 Ford Model T


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            Me like very much.

            Joseph R. Zeiger
            Joseph R. Zeiger


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              I want it.

              Or one like it.

              Really nice car.



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                "All attempts to 'rise above the issue' are simply an excuse to avoid it profitably." --Dick Gregory

                Brad Johnson, SDC since 1975, ASC since 1990
                Pine Grove Mills, Pa.
                sigpic'33 Rockne 10, '51 Commander Starlight, '53 Commander Starlight "Désirée"


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                  quote:Originally posted by doug

                  Very nice project to start with.
                  Project? That one's DONE! Stick a fork in it [^]

                  Dick Steinkamp
                  Bellingham, WA

                  Dick Steinkamp
                  Bellingham, WA


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                    That's a very pretty Lark, one I would be proud to own and I'm not even a fan of '62s. Russ Farris
                    1963 GT Hawk R-2 4-speed
                    1964 Avanti R-1 Auto


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                      Nice car


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                        Love those F-bodies! Nice interior on that baby, and the small wheel covers just set it off perfectly. Congratulations!


                        Clark in San Diego
                        '63 F2/Lark Standard

                        Clark in San Diego | '63 Standard (F2) "Barney" |


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                          Very nice Evan... I can tell she needs a good run out to the NW next spring for the Overdrive...

                          '57 Transtar Deluxe
                          Vancouver Island Chapter

                          Mark Hayden
                          '66 Commander
                          Zone Coordinator
                          Pacific Can-Am Zone


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                            I'd love to have a Lark like that one...

                            Great to hear the L A R K letters got there. (I've yet to get around to installing the corresponding set on my car!)

                            Steve T


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                              If you don't have a set of the LARK letters on the front fender and the holes are not there. How do you know where to place the letters for the posts?