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    A local NON STUDE guy has a 1960 Hawk body with most trim in good condition. All the glass is there. NO motor, no trans, no steering parts at all, a 2'x2'hole cut in firewall. A magnet sticks to the body panels. What is a fair price? I would only buy it to part it out.

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    Depending on how close you are to Studebaker Vendors with parts such as you will find on the car, it may only be worth $100 to $200.00 to you for parts.

    That could vary a whole lot though, if you spend your money to buy it and transportation costs, maybe a license fee or temporary move permit etc. etc. just to drag this thing home, then you better hope there are very good usable on your car, parts or sale-able ones like a front clip, dash, gauges, stainless, chrome, bumpers that would sell for big bucks way more than $200.00.

    And if they are really good, like a perfect chrome 1000.00 set of side grille mouldings, you could afford to pay more! []

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      If it's in that good a shape you might get more by bringing it back to life.

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