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door jamb screws

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  • door jamb screws

    I have looked in the Body Pats Catalong and not sure which screw part number I need.
    I am looking for a new set of screws (8 total) that affix the door latch to the door frame. Mine are a little worn and can not keep them tight for adjustment.
    Thanks for the advice

    53 Hardtop

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    There is a chance that the "floating" nuts have also lost their ability to be tightened. You can use Loctite, some folks swear by it, and others, swear at it. There are different grades with red being the one that requires an application of heat to loosen the fastener. What year and what model are you working on? In some cases the body parts and again the chassis parts books can confuse. Look at the drawing and write down the number of the main part, in this case the latch. Then reference that number and follow it down until you see "latch" or whatever they call it. Read across and see how many holes are shown then check for the a listing that says
    6 or 8 with the the model number along side. Then go to the left and you will get the correct part number. However I believe that Studebaker used the same screws for years.


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      I just bought some from SI and they were resaonable and did fit like they are suppose to.