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    Not missing many options, and not a bad price even with the incorrect seat upholstery.

    JDP Maryland

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    I know some of the story on this car.

    It was bought new by a lady of the name of Ms. Lester in Atlanta. As the ad states, she worked for the Stude dealer. Somewhere down the line, Tom Elliott ended up with this car. Tom said that the car was ordered with a radio, internally controlled antenna, and the full wheel covers. Every other option that you see on this car, Tom added. (That's just how he is. ) So the seller's info that "the car was ordered with all the options" is incorrect. Tom still has a NOS fog light kit that he was going to install on this car, but never got around to it.

    After dolling the car up, Tom sold it to another collector in Atlanta, a guy named Pete. The reason for the sell was that he believed (he and his family still do to this day) that the car was haunted by Ms. Lester. If left out of the garage at night, the horn would blare and the lights would go on and off. And from what Tom's told me, that wasn't even the beginning of it. (I notice it mentions in the ad that the horn is disconnected).

    Pete sold the car for the same reason, after having the interior reupholstered. (Not original, but nice). He sold it to someone in Florida, and somehow it has now wound up in California.

    If you don't believe any of this, Dan Miller will probably back me up.

    But regardless, this is a great car with a very unusual, special history. If I had the cash it'd be on its way back to Georgia. If anyone here is seriously interested in this car, I can put you in contact with Tom and he could tell you everything you wanted to know.

    Matthew Burnette
    Hazlehurst, GA


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      Looks like a good 8K buy it now.
      That price should include a couple of front bumper bolts.[)]
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        Did ya'll see that shark-mouth Vette in the garage? I love that model.

        '50 Champion, 1 family owner


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          Nice car even if it comes with mo. Lester hopefully she is cute.


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            A haunted Studebaker just in time for Halloween.


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              quote:Originally posted by rockne10

              Looks like a good 8K buy it now.
              That price should include a couple of front bumper bolts.[)]
              Just for you...If you buy the car...I will donate you a couple of shiny NOS bumper bolts. Good eyes! I had to re-visit the site to see what you were talking about.

              John Clary
              Greer, SC

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              John Clary
              Greer, SC

              SDC member since 1975


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                Haunted or not - that's purdy! I'd rather have that than a Starlight.

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                  So... Christine has a frugal cousin with a prominent schnozz[8D] LH

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                    The temp dmv tag in the window is good until the end of november which eather they just got the car are just started the dmv process, Eatherway I would make dmv is handled or it may come back to haunt you ( sorry I had to through that in) but if I was considering buying the car I would inquire as the back fees could be painful.