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My Toter not a Whatoff Or A Boch!

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  • My Toter not a Whatoff Or A Boch!

    Hey guys, I had a reply by a gentlman on the Forum, who i think had only ever posted 2 times. He claimed to be the grandson of the guy who sold my truck new, and asked if I'd be interested in talking to his grandfather. I sent him an email and he replied with contact info. i later called Jim Huntoon and found out that my toter was one 1 of 51 special ordered by Detroiter Mobile Homes via Huntoon Motors. He also looked up my vin and said mine and 2 others were shipped to Daggett CA for $3600 and some change (i have the exact amount written down at work). These trucks were built for Studebaker at Elkhart Boiler Works to fill the Detroiter order. I find this very interesting that after all this time it is discovered that there was a 3rd toter builder. I have never heard of the Detroiter toters has anybody else?? Acording to the article below it seems that Jim only know of the one with the vin # and mine for sure the others mentioned must not have original vin plates becuase it is questioned weather or not they are Detroiters. My Whatoff mirrors must have been added, becuase Jim said they all came the same way with west coast mirrors. the only exeption was the 3 Detroit Diesel Toters that were built for this order.




    63' R1 Wagonaire

    63' 8E45 Detroit

    53' 2R5 R1 Powershift TT Under Construction

    57' Transtar 304 NP540 4:09 TT Under Construction (in Picture)

    58' 3E6D Stock

    59' 4E2 122 Scotsman Deluxe V8 4spd curb side fender

    61' 6E7 122 Factory Auto


    62' Deluxe R2 4SPD.

    63' R1 Wagonaire

    57' Transtar 259 punched to 312 NP540 4:09 TT Under Construction

    58' 3E6D Stock 4X4

    64' (Studebaker Built) Trailer Toter

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    IIRC the Elkhart Boiler Works was (or became) Bock Products. I'd live to find ine of the E35AX's.