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1960 Lark V8 2 door parts needed

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  • 1960 Lark V8 2 door parts needed

    Hi,I'm new to the forum,but been a SDC member for last 10 years.I am restoring a 60 Lark VIII 2 door sedan and need a couple parts:
    Headliner retainer for left {drivers} side.This is the narrow sheetmetal piece above the door with all the jagged teeth that holds the headliner in place.It is about 2 feet long,2 inches wide,and has tiny teeth the full length.Curves to match the door opening shape.
    I also am looking for an air cleaner for a 2 barrel 259 V8.mine is rusted out.Canadian production car if it matters.I am in B.C. canada,and parts could be shipped to Montana for me to pick up.Thanks everyone!