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Young and Old with Studebaker's !!!

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  • mbstude
    Ain't being a young Stude-kid great? [8D]

    Matthew Burnette
    Hazlehurst, GA

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  • StudeRich
    Dylan, I have arranged for a ride for you if all else fails, let me know OK?


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  • silverhawk
    Wow, I'd love to meet him if I can go, its up in the air a little bit, but things are looking good. Kinda reminds me of my great granpa, me and him were pretty close, and he was a die hard stude guy, up until they put chevy engines in the '65-66's. He died at 100 years old in 2005, right before christmas.

    Dylan Wills

    '61 lark deluxe 4 door wagon

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  • Bellingham Studenut
    started a topic Young and Old with Studebaker's !!!

    Young and Old with Studebaker's !!!

    Dylan (Silverhawk),

    I would like to invite you to meet an old friend if you come to the show in Ferndale.
    His name is Oliver Yanko and he is a 94 years old.
    Since you and Oliver are only 78 years apart and both like Studebaker's so much, I would like to get a picture of you both together with your cars!
    Oliver keeps his 63 Avanti at his daughters house, but will have his newer 2001 Avanti at the show.
    Hopefully you will have your wagon there, so we can snap a shot of you both in front of the cars.[8D]

    About Olivers Avanti:

    His 63 Avanti was one of the 1st 10 made and his 2001 was the 1st of four with T tops made.
    It was sent to the Los Angeles Auto Show for display before delivery to Bellingham, WA.

    It should be a fun Stude Meet!

    My cars keep telling me-
    Grow Old with me,
    the Best is yet to be!

    James Bell

    The Bell Collection
    Bellingham, WA.