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Wednesday Follies.

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  • Wednesday Follies.

    Well, today saw two little jobs get done. First off, I gave the Weasel a bath with the pressure washer, since it had been sitting outside since Friday, to make room for the new hoist. It had been dusty and dirty for a long time, so a bath was in order. Let it sit in the sun all day to dry off, which it did very nicely.

    While the Weasel was basking, I got busy on the '51 (?) 2R6 pickup. It had been "almost ready" to roll for a few months, so it was high time to complete the job. That entailed finding an overdrive kickdown switch, which I robbed off a '53 Champion, which isn't going anywhere fast, and wiring the overdrive, and filling the transmission with oil. Now, I learned you CAN in fact fill an overdrive only from the front plug. It just takes a while. Actually, I took the top cover off, and simply poured oil into the the top. A lot easier than messing with (truly!) a suction gun or hose on a bottle of gear oil. I had the plug out of the OD section, and simply slowly added oil until I saw a drop or two come out of the OD section. Then I buttoned it up.

    This is the truck under discussion:

    Then I went looking for the keys. Could NOT find them, but I did find another 2R ignition switch, with a key in it, so I swapped the switch. That old cloth/rubber wire is getting mighty crisp, and I see a re-wire job in the old crystal ball. Primed the carb, and it started right up, and just as quickly died again. Could not make it pump fuel. Took the needle and seat out of the carb, and Lo! and behold! it was welded tight with varnish. A little lacquer thinner fixed that, and I also removed the fuel pump, and washed it with lacquer thinner, because both of its valves were glued shut. I checked the supply line from the tank to the pump, and could blow through it, so I thought that was the extent of the problem.

    Poured about 3 gallons of fuel in the tank, and it started right up, and idled nicely. That 245 is a sweet engine. Good oil pressure, no nasty blue smoke, either. The clutch worked perfectly, and it was easy to shift gears. And as an added bonus, the brakes work great! I backed the truck up, turned it around, and was just able to maneuver it past the hoist, and out the door of the shop. I drove it down to the storage facility in bottom of the yard, and offloaded 5 rims, a tailgate, bumper, and fuel tank. Got it into second gear OK, too.

    With the box emptied of the clutter, I figured it was time to take it out on the gravel road, and check that overdrive. Got it up to about 30 mph in second gear (speedo not working), and no overdrive when I back off the throttle. Then the engine quit, right in front of my neighbor's driveway. And the gas pedal went to the floor, and stayed there. Well, there was a cotter pin missing from the accelerator linkage. I rejoined the pedal pushrod to the bellcrank, and tried to start it. Acted like it wasn't getting gas. My neighbor came out, and told me to use his son's little dirt bike to ride home and get the cotter pin and a gas can. So I did. Installed the cotter pin, gave it a prime, and it started and ran until the priming gas was gone, and quit again.

    So I ended up having a beer, and a chicken dinner with the neighbors, and then we went outside later, and disconnected the fuel supply line from the pump, and it seemed to be clogged. But I hooked a piece of hose to it, and blew back down the line, and Tim said he could hear a little bubbling in the tank, so it wasn't completely clogged. I connected it back up, primed it, and it started and stayed running, so I drove it home. and it quit about 5 yards short of where I intended to park it. Looks like I will have to ream out the fuel line with an old speedometer cable I keep for the express purpose, and probably will also have to drop the tank and clean it. And I will have to trouble-shoot the overdrive. Quite possible I got the two wires to the solenoid on the wrong terminals.

    It was getting cool out, and the sun was about to set, so I put o
    Gord Richmond, within Weasel range of the Alberta Badlands

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    "Then I went looking for the keys. Could NOT find them..."

    First of all, Gord, I had to seriously laugh at that after my trip to Iowa! If it were not for your tape measure that I used to pull my keys out of my trunk, I would have been installing that switch I bought out of Tommy's bus... just like that. Adding further insult, that was the second time I had misplaced my keys on that trip. [B)] Man, I want my short term memory back.
    That looks like a really solid truck. Good to have quality neighbors, too. You are a busy guy, Gord. An excellent influence for procrastinators like my convertible's owner.


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      So the way I score it - 2 beers (at least) and a chicken dinner in exchange for a couple of fresh tomatoes? Where do I sign up!

      Good update Gord!

      Pat Casey
      55 Commander
      58 Transtar
      62 GT Hawk
      66 Cruiser
      SDC Member since 1983


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        Well, you know, home-grown tomatoes are special. Can't get 'em in the store.

        Gord Richmond, within Weasel range of the Alberta Badlands
        Gord Richmond, within Weasel range of the Alberta Badlands


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          Clean looking truck Gord.

          First time I have ever seen those nifty aftermarket turn signals with the arrows on them mounted down on the bumper like that. Usually, I have seen them on top of the fenders.

          Jeff in ND

          '53 Champion Hardtop
          Jeff in ND


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            As always, loved the story, Gord. Thanks for sharing! You might be our best writer, when you get the notion to do so. Like I tell Linda, the quality is first-rate, it's the frequency that needs improvement

            Robert (Bob) Andrews- on the IoMT (Island of Misfit Toys)
            Parish, central NY 13131



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              Man,you NEVER stop moving do you?!?!?


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                I like it. Perfect engine and trans combo, my favorite color. Looks good rolling on the original wheels with bias plies, too, and the arrow turn signals are cool. Those look much less "added on" than the new parts house ones you see on many other trucks. I'd love to be seen cruising in... even broke down on the side of the road in that truck! LH

                "I'm allergic to small block Chevys."


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                  Actually, those are '39 Commander rims under that truck. But I do have a set of 5 real pickup wheels with it, all sandblasted and in primer.

                  If I decide to actually drive this truck on a regular basis, it will get some 15" Chevy van rims and radial tires. Those bias ply look nice, but the ruts in the roads play heck with them.

                  Gord Richmond, within Weasel range of the Alberta Badlands
                  Gord Richmond, within Weasel range of the Alberta Badlands


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                    Way too cool for words...awesome!


                    **I'm not the best speller...FireFox catches most of my mistakes, but I use IE at work**