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  • Hugo MN car show pix
    lots of pics in there now, I have some more but don't have time to upload them at the moment (amazing how little kids eat up your free time, huh?) Anyway it was fun seeing all the nice Studes, hope I didn't annoy anyone with poking my head in everybody's car. I hope to be at the swap meet in a couple weeks too, I was tired of missing all the Stude events so I vowed to actually make some of them even though working overnights makes it kinda hard to get up in the AM to do car stuff. Anyway hope you like the pics, if you want more lemme know and I'll upload some more.

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    Ahhaa, I've been waiting for that blue custom blown hardtop to resurface []

    That car was chopped by Dick Dean if I'm not mistaken, and is one of the nicest chops I've seen in a long time -especially since it's a hardtop.

    I don't care for the blower sticking through the hood, but the rest of the body and interior is perfectly massaged.



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      That hardtop was a work of art. Want to thank everyone for putting our Salt2Salt car in the top 20. The website has been updated now and can be seen at:

      Greg (LP three-wheeler project)


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        Great pix - nice Studebakers!

        Chris Pile
        Editor: The Studebaker Special
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          I just put some more pix in there, I can make another album of the non_studes too if you want.


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            Hi Dan, thanks for posting pics of my red 1963 GT Hawk as well as the other Studebakers there. It was a great day for the show. Afterwards, my nephew and I went to Taylor Falls, MN, to the Frostop Drive-In. I even got a %10 discount for arriving in my old car!
            In the middle of MinneSTUDEa.