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M5 swap seats=what fits?

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  • M5 swap seats=what fits?

    I just finished my original seats (M5)..I am just about bounced out of the cab!!!!!! There must be a more modern seat that will fit in the M5 cab yes? Like a S10 CHEVY OR?
    THANKS....bumps on head mike....

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    S-10, yes.
    There are a number of seats that will fit. I measured a nice set of Mercedes leather seats for a friend of mine. He doesn't like leather so he went with the S-10.
    If you have the time to measure you have a world of choices.
    Chances are, more folks here will let you know what they've already found to fit.
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      The rear seat out of a mid-80s Bronco II are a nice fit if you can find one, and they have some really nice patterns. Downside is, there's no adjuster.

      Robert (Bob) Andrews- on the IoMT (Island of Misfit Toys)
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        I need the same information for a C Cab truck.

        Matthew Burnette
        Hazlehurst, GA


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          I have a 1996 S10 split bench in my M--fits nicely and adjusts. You need the slides from two sets of seats, then change out the odd shaped ones (it will be obvious when you see them).

          Matthew, I don't know the width of a C-cab, but the S10 seat is about 50 inches maximum width. Width between the mounts is approximately 44 inches.

          Jeff Jones
          Tucson Arizona
          1947 M-5