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    See previous post in Technical posting

    Come one, come all!!
    To our meeting on Sunday August 16th 2009 at Annie's Family restaurant
    in Conway Arkansas. Coming from either direction, get off I40 at exit 127.
    Westbound, just go across street into Annie's P/L. Eastbound, turn left under I40 to Annie's P/L and turn left.

    We hope to have a visitor that has stories about her fathers Studebaker dealership here in Arkansas. Also come and see some great
    Studie collectibles.

    Please drive your Studes, or bring pics. See ya'll

    studedick from the lower Ozarks

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    Good luck with the meeting, Dick. Sounds like fun. I meant to thank you for sharing your watch collection at dinner in Cedar Rapids. I had never had the opportunity to look close up at any watch before that. They are usually behind glass. What incredible workmanship on those. I still like the one with the original patina. [8D]

    This coming weekend, I registered for the Compact Car Meet being held here at the Holiday Inn in Independence, near Cleveland . It was advertised in Hemming's Classic Car. It is being sponsored by the Comet Club and since they posted "by 1959, the idea of an economical compact car finally caught on with enough people that the Big Three automakers decided to introduce their versions for 1960. Out came the Corvair, Comet, Falcon and Valiant. Come celebrate the 50th anniversary of this historic event August 14-15, 2009.."

    Well, Dick, we don't have a local SDC meeting here until the end of the month at Summit Racing, so I HAD to register for this one, Big Three car or not. I registered & paid early to the Comet Club in Connecticut, before our Iowa International and haven't received any confirmation since.
    If anyone wants to bring a '59-'60 or later Studebaker please join me. I think our cars had a little bit to do with why this event is celebrating 50 years. Guess which t-shirt I want to wear?