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63 Cruiser light mod (pics)

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  • 63 Cruiser light mod (pics)

    Too much to do around here lately, and the Cruiser's suffered neglect as a result. Actually, some of the distraction is obliquely aimed at the Cruiser's needs, so I guess that counts as well.

    Anyway, here's an example of the finished, modified BU lamp body and an idea of how it looks lit. It's working out better than I'd imagined, which gladdens my heart.
    You might recall I started with BU lamp "dummy" bodies as I was able to get them from SASCO for CASO prices with shiney, NOS chrome (they only have lefts left now[V]). The dummy bodies don't have bulb sockets fitted, but otherwise are the same as the smarties! This meant I had to drill holes for the two sockets - checking that the new BU lamp socket would allow adequate bulb-to-lens clearance when everything was assembled. I CAN fit a full-sized bulb and still clear the lens, but this interior lamp bulb is adequate and affords extra lens clearance to avoid lens marring or melting.
    I had it in my head that I was going to put some sort of division between the two bulbs, but that's not necessary. Either bulb illuminates the whole lens - which is great.

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    Crafty Bob! Looks good in operation as well.[^]

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      Biggs, That sure worked great. Better than factory.[^]
      That's going to be one sweet Cruiser.

      John Ratliff