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Well, now... that was an adventure...

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  • Well, now... that was an adventure...

    I picked up the '56 wagon a few days ago.

    I loaded all the goodies that might be needed, the a-frame and tow chain, moving permit, tow lights, etc, etc... ad nauseum. The Champ had been worrysome lately. I almost didn't make the trip. Still, the little truck was just fine.

    Jim Willhite and his family are wonderful people. His eldest son was there when I arrived and we went over the car from end to end. I must confess to a little disapointment when first going over the car. it looked better in the pictures. Still, it's a beautiful, fine car. I'm looking forward to driving it. The interior isn't bad. Not great either. The driver's side floor is rusted out and the passenger isn't far behind. It has an under seat heater (Neat!), and other neat goodies. The pictures didn't show the rust. Both rear wheelwells have it as well as the lower rear quarters. Not bad, still it will have to be addressed. The doors are good, excellent even. The tailgate and rear window are a pip. I love the springed hinges for the window. Much nicer than what Chevy used in their comparable wagon. The tailgate was stiff, I almost couldn't get it open. Soaked the hinges with Liquid Wrench and it's getting better. The motor was a real mess. It does turn over, as the seller promised. Haven't attempted to start yet. The brake cylindar seems shot, as does the clutch. I'll get a closer look when I can get it up to the house.

    I was told that the car had been a one owner. The previous owner had died recently and Jim's employer had been hired to clean out the property. They found the wagon in a shed covered by junk and a tarp. Jim purchased the car and resold it immediately on e-bay. Since Jim was just a kind of middle-man, does that qualify me as the second owner? I'm not quite sure how the DMV is going to take this. Still, Jim documented everything and provided me with the same.

    I had a little trouble attaching the A-frame. The cinch chains weren't long enough to reach the frame. That's where I like to attach to tow. The bumper framework is lightweight enough to be worrysome to me. I ended up attaching to it though. At first, the car kept loosening up on me, so I kept stopping and re-adjusting everything. When it loosened, it would take to weaving drunkenly back and forth. This was a bit scary since the wagon is considerably heavier than that Champ. Truely, the tail wagging the dog.[:0] Jim and his sons followed me for several miles till we had it down. Then they bid me good night. The car followed along from that point like a well bred Airstream. The Champ had no trouble with the wagon till we tackled the driveway. The car was about 2/3rds the way up and the truck died. I backed the wagon into one of the side roads and chocked the wheels. Lucky there was a moon so that I could see.

    So 'ol Bess[:X] is here, and as soon as there's time she'll be up and running again.[8D] She needs a lot and I'm looking forward to driving her. The only fly in the ointment is that I may have to sell the Daytona Twins[V] Oh well, can't have everything...

    Lotsa Larks!
    K.I.S.S. Keep It Simple Studebaker!
    Ron Smith
    Where the heck is Lewiston, CA?
    Home of the famous Mr. Ed!
    K.I.S.S. Keep It Simple Studebaker!
    Ron Smith
    Where the heck is Fawn Lodge, CA?