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2 second glimpse of a Studebaker

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  • 2 second glimpse of a Studebaker

    On tonight's showing of a silly "reality" tv show called The Great American Road Race (I think) there was a glimpse of a (I think) 1950 yellow Champion parked at the WigWam Motel in Holbrook, AZ. There were about 4 old cars parked around the teepees for atmosphere. At one point, the camera panned across the front of the motel office and under the canopy was the Studebaker. And it's a small world. That particular WigWam Motel was once owned by an uncle of mine and I have a postcard with it pictured as advertising. Now my life is complete. I'M KIDDING PEEPUL!!!! Smile.

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    We stopped by the Wigwam Hotel in October 2008 on our trip to the Grand Canyon. My boys were using the camera and this is the only picture of the Studebaker at the Wigwam Hotel on Route 66 in Holbrook, AZ that they took. It is not yellow but is white or faded light blue in color. I think Holbrook is probably the town that Pixar Studios used to model the town of "Radiator Springs" in the animated movie "Cars". If you haven't seen this movie borrow it from your grandchildren or better yet watch it with them. I've probably seen it 3 or 4 times with my grandsons.

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