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On-line chapter newsletters?

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  • Dick Steinkamp
    I think most that are called "on line" are just distributed via the internet...not set up as a unique web site.

    Our local chapter editor (Brian Curtis) gives members the choice of getting it via email (pdf or word file) or as a hard copy. Those that get it via email get it earlier, save the club money (and the editor time), and they can always print it if they want a hard copy.

    Dick Steinkamp
    Bellingham, WA

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  • fstst56
    started a topic On-line chapter newsletters?

    On-line chapter newsletters?

    At Cedar Rapids, Larry Swanson was giving out
    awards for chapter newsletters that were on-line.
    Is there a link to those so that we could view them each month?
    Sounds interesting to me.