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The Elusive 1958 PackardHawk

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  • Chris Pile
    Well done, Anne!

    Chris Pile
    Editor: The Studebaker Special

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  • 52-fan
    Looks like another member for SDC. If he put that much effort into finding another Studebaker owner,he will be amazed at what we have going on. Good catch.

    1952 Champion Starlight, 1962 Daytona, both w/overdrive.Searcy,Arkansas
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  • Anne F. Goodman
    started a topic The Elusive 1958 PackardHawk

    The Elusive 1958 PackardHawk

    Well I have heard tales and stories for the last ten years of this collection of Studebakers on the old 41 highway. Heard of a gentlemen's collection he had about ten Studebakers of which 2 were 1958 PackardHawks. Well 3 years ago we found the White PackardHawk. I took lots of pictures and passed on info about it on the forum.
    The guy that bought it had it for sale wouldn't say How Much. Well he was a young man under 40 he passed away a few months ago. He has all of those cars that were on 41 around Caruthers area.
    Well I always heard of a restored 58 PackardHawk that was Black with gold fins. I never could find where it was. I called on an ad for 54 Stude parts in Caruthers the guy that I talked to knew of the car. He told me that the guy just passed away and that it was for sale. Well that was about two months ago.
    Last night we had the Golden Hawk and the 54 coupe at a car show. These two boys were circling the car. I went over to answer questions for them. They were so excited to see a Studebaker. They had been to this Car show from Caruthers every other Friday looking for Studebaker people. They had tried on ebay for a GoldenHawk that looked like theirs. They had no luck. So we got to talking I asked where they were from. Well then I asked them if the car was Black with Gold fins they said yes. I told him I was sorry to hear about his Grandpa. Well he was blown away that I knew of the car and his Grandpa. Grandpa told him the car was worth $50,000. Well we talked of condition and compared cars. One uncle wanted to buy it for $30,000I told him to call that Uncle and have your Grandma sell it now. He would like to keep it and restore it. He's gonna talk to Grandma and have her sell the rest of the vintage cars to get this on fixed up.
    I didn't have any Turning Wheels with me so we had him follow us home and we got him information about joining. He will be joining the forum too. The reason he couldn't find cars like that one is by what he was calling it. Once I showed him Packard Hawk he was amazed He is 20 years old and he will introduce himself soon. First name of Eric. I just wanted to share another Stude Story with you.

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