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Going to Minnesota in Oct. will bring a car

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  • Going to Minnesota in Oct. will bring a car

    I will be going to Minnesota in the first of Oct. for a 50th class reunion, the reunion is the 9,10, and 11th I plan on driving and bringing my trailer, I have 2 cars to sell and will haul one of them that far as part of the deal, what I have is a 54 champion coupe and my 66 cruiser, of course I would like to bring the one that sell for the most and that would be the 54 coupe that one total price to Minnesota is $3800.00 I will add some pictures of that along with some history in another post, this post I will cover the 66 cruiser with pictures and all, first there is no engine or transmission or interior, this car is super clean you can eat off the floors, the dash is near perfect, good steering wheel and horn system,all the glass is good one little mark in the windshield, front grille is good,power disk brakes, power steering with the pump and ram missing, flanged axle rear end, 4 stock 15" wheel covers, super bumpers for a driver, this car just should not be parted out, but it will some day if I don't put it in someone else's hands. the total price on the to Minnesota is $1500.00 it had a vinyl roof but it is all gone and roof needs to be cleaned for what ever, paint or vinyl. the vin. number is C531455 and the miles on the speedo is 110950 I'am the 2nd owner of this car.

    Bob Peterson / C & B Studebakers

    Castro Valley, CA

    Castro Valley,