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AllState Avanti ? Former DC car ?

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  • studegary
    It would have been nice if he gave the serial number.

    Besides many 1964 Avantis being built with Allstate tires, including one that I owned that was built in a series of exactly the same cars, a few were used for special promotional Allstate/Sears events. One of these events was the cross country run by two female drivers.

    I do not consider these sort of regular production Avantis with Allstate tires to have any special value. There are exceptions to this. Joe Erdelac of Ohio purchased one of the cross country cars when it got to California and had it shipped to him in Ohio. The last that I saw this 1964 Avanti, it had about 6K miles on it.

    Gary L.
    Wappinger, NY

    SDC member since 1968
    Studebaker enthusiast much longer

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  • wpsrea
    I believe he was referring to Hemmings "Clasic Car" mag. The August issue has a buyer's guide for the '63-'64 Avanti.

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  • 62champ

    I think they are talking about Hemmings Classic Car magazine - has a red '64 on the cover.

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  • Skip Lackie
    Quickly scanned the August Hemmings, including the classified ads, and didn't see anything on the Avanti. It might have been easier to find if the seller had provided a page reference.

    Skip Lackie
    Washington DC

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  • bige
    Other than making for good conversation I don't think the Sears connection adds much to the value. ASAIK, tires and battery were changed to Allstate brand and the cars were displayed that way for a little mutual promotion. Nothing else particularly special that I know off.


    On its way to a 15.097 Island Dragway Great Meadows NJ Spring 2006.

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  • ISpy
    started a topic AllState Avanti ? Former DC car ?

    AllState Avanti ? Former DC car ?

    Saw this Avanti on eBay:

    "This is a rare Sears Allstate promotional car (see Hemmings Motor News August issue for details on this promotional car) sold in Washington ,DC."

    Cant find anything HMN online...but I know there are a couple guys here in the area that seem to know about every Stude ever maybe they know..or someone with an HMN sub.

    If it is something of note it sure doesnt have the listing for it...