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Studebaker pics from Syracuse help

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  • Studebaker pics from Syracuse help

    I have 68 pics of Studes from Syracuse. What is the best way to send them, if anyone is interested. Pics include exterior and interior shots. Joe

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    Syracuse? Stude meet? Auction? More details please.

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      Syracuse Nationals- made me leave Iowa for home two days early[] See my thread for pictures.

      As for a file that big- dunno how you'd send them- on a disc, I suppose, or a few at a time in multiple e-mails. Not easy to do.

      How about uploading them to a photo site like Photobucket and posting a link? I was there but I'd like to see your pictures!

      Here's my thread:


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        Here is what I will do for now. I will copy the pictures to two discs and see if the club would like to post them. A little history on Syracuse. This was there tenth year. The approximate count was 7300 rods, customs and restored cars. I met Gene Winfield a customizer when I was in my teens and got his autograph on a T-shirt. I guess I won't be wearing it. A keeper for sure. Two pictures taken are not of Studebakers. A friend had qualified to be one of twelve to win a give away hot rod. I took a picture of her on stage as well as one of the rod. Sorry I missed you Babs, you have always been nice to me on this site, always showing a good attitude.


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          Bams50 (don't call me Babs) is correct. Just open a free photobucket account/address and upload them. Takes some time to upload, but it is easy once you do it. We'd like to see them.


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            I seem to have downloaded a virus and I will have it serviced Thursday evening. I will then attempt to send some pics. A couple of pics are interesting, as a fuel line topic was discussed recently. A once beautiful 39-40 Studebaker was in the flea market area,torched inside and out do to a fuel leak according to a vendor I spoke to. Hope to be free of my virus soon.