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My Lark:25 Years in Barn,6 months to get home

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  • My Lark:25 Years in Barn,6 months to get home

    One week to post day to get running...

    First let me thank N8N for all his help and advice,not to mention the tires

    Also StudeDave57 who gave me the simplest method for driveshaft disconnection and helped me vector the matrices of the Stude tire geo-metery aka jack up the frame so the axle hangs dum-dum...

    I could also use advice if shooting or strangulation for the tow dolly guy who left my shaft straps there ? Which is best ? Maybe I should just ask where I might get them in case I dont get them back ?

    Here in the barn,note wheels on front...

    Here on the dolly,near "home"...Good tires rear,aired up 25 year old bias plys front...I must be getting old

    State of Va inspection sticker August 85/due for renewal 86,plates 86...title is like 84-85...

    My plan had been to go down over a couple weekends,pull parts,fix/clean etc up here then drive up...didnt work out due to weather and such. I had told the guy I would move it middle June but never got it together. Trying to stick to my word tho not great timing for me I priced out my cost to get and then threw an ad on CL,posted gigs section w/job and what I was offering. Good response,few at or close offer,some insane. The guy I picked worked for both of us...he was able to offer tow @ my $$ and reasonable storage, a win for both. Now it is close enough to go fiddle with on the weekend and I no longer need to worry about catching the Hanta virus.

    Here are the rest..

    I was a bit worried as I was trying to schedule the tow as this guy kept saying,give me the address and I will get it...Not my way of doing business...not until I know you...he was also saying we could do this and we could do my father used to say "Whats this we White Man" the punchline to an old joke. I explained on the trip that this was "fun" for me and while I may very well want and need help,it would be done on a project $$s up front,not a time and materials lets add it up when done kinda thing...He said he understood,no sweat....

    So he calls me up the next day..."hey man,just wanted to let you know I got the car running,looks like it may need a fuel pump and water pump,otherwise runs smooth"...hahaha...Good to hear after 25 years,clean the plugs,points,gas direct to fp and from what he says runs smooth. Now if he tries to charge me we will see if the fan blade will still take an arm off

    I bought the car because of the solid body except for the minor front fender rust it is surface the driveline is a 6/auto, I was going to hold off on much mech refurb as I am giving serious thought to finding a rusty v8 donor and swapping and I didnt want to buy parts twice. N8 has informed me for what I am possibly planning I can use all the parts I buy so I going to get what I got goin' here in a couple weeks when my Chem class finishes...speaking of which N8 says we are going to put the car in his garage,seal it(the garage),fill it with water and soda washing powder,stick a couple power lines in it and all the rust will come off...or maybe it was a trash can,battery charger and some parts []

    I am looking for a v8 donor, I have some feelers out but any leads would be great, I am East Coast near DC...Stude powered would need good runner, Chevybaker can be non-runner. I got a pair of very nice used (not NOS) bumpers with the car which I prob wont use on it,willing to work as part of a swap or thanks for getting 3 months that may be thanks-a-lot [8D]

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    Cool, have fun with that project, looks like you got a good one.

    Dylan Wills

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    Dylan Wills
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