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Stude Pic From The HAMB

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  • Stude Pic From The HAMB

    I asked if 'Dog' could fill us in on this pic...

    HTIH (Hope The Info Helps)


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    Must be pretty serious, the hood's off. They didn't push it in there with that chain. I can't see enough of the engine, but it looks foreign.

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      Scary garage..i would be affraid something would fall on me..why even put in in side.ha ha.

      clayton-rip chicken hawk!


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        First SBC install on film
        Mono mind in a stereo world


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          quote:Originally posted by bob40

          First SBC install on film

          Pat Skelly
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            Looks like the classic carriage or Model T type of garage. I remember going to Beardstown in my Lark and one of my parent's friends saw the vehicle and mentioned they had a 50 Bulletnose for sale. They lived in town which wasn't a problem. The family didn't want it because they had three separate and dangerous occurrences happen with the car, so they believed it was hexxed. Nice car, but to get good pictures for the club newsletter's classified section meant doing a lot of sideways walking. This was due to the verrrry narrow confines of this former Model T shed that the car was parked in.


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              Well they did have an engine analizer in there, pretty girl, she dont look like a grease monkey.

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                There are more Studebakers on the HAMB.

                Can you find the Studebaker in these pictures?

                Leonard Shepherd


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                  That Rosemist K-body is likely lurking in some old garage or barn - just waiting for a kiss from Dick Steinkamp.[:X]

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                    quote:Well they did have an engine analizer in there, pretty girl, she dont look like a grease monkey.
                    I noticed that myself, Bob.

                    Chris Pile
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