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    Well first I'd like to thank everyone for the support. The flowers were delivered on Sunday afternoon. They look great, and there is a big sympathy board that is filling up with names. The total cost was $300.00 and the donations as of now have exceeded that in a very short time and I know several others have pledged by snailmail. I have not calculated those funds yet but I will when I return from CeRap. This just goes to show how wonderful this group of people are, and we should all be proud to belong. I know times are getting tough out there in places and I really do appreciate everyones effort in this matter.

    The family has requested any donations be sent to a memorial fund in Elaines name to her church listed in prior post. If it's all the same with everyone I will send any overages to that fund.

    I will keep everyone posted on this matter.


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    For my small part, doing whatever the family would like with any overages would be appropriate.


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      John, catch me by my motor home in the swap area durning the week and I will give you some to add to the collection...Bob

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        I agree with Jim

        Jeff Jones
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          How's about somebody postin' a pitchur[?]

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          Home of the famous Mr. Ed!
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            A note about my wonderful mother, Elaine Stone...
            My mom's funeral will be held at 11 am, Tuesday, July 21st,
            Groman Eden Mortuary
            11500 Sepulveda Blvd
            Mission Hills, CA 91345-1132
            (818) 365-7151

            You will be directed to the chapel and then there will be a graveside service. Anyone who wishes is welcome to come afterward to my sister Pattie's home to visit with the family. Information will be handed out at the service.

            Thank you all for your love, prayers and comments. We all loved our Mother dearly, but only knew her as our 'Mom'. Hearing the love going out to her as 'Elaine' warms our hearts.

            Paula Friedman, for Pattie Stone and Diana Abramovich
            (I will post on all the threads I can find; sorry for the repeating)